from Sweet Science of Bruising

Photography courtesy of Mitzi de Margary – All rights reserved

“It’s also thrillingly visual and in an intimate venue like Southwark Playhouse, just the sound of a punch landing can give you a shock. Often boxing plays only use the iconography and avoid the matches because they are a huge challenge to pull off, but we’re lucky to have the UK’s first registered female fight director, Alison de Burgh, on board, who is an incredible collaborator, as adept at storytelling as she is at an upper cut.”

Joy Wilkinson the writer of The Sweet Science of Brusing in an interview in the Evening Standard

“The fights are superbly choreographed by Alison de Burgh”
The Daily Express

… “Alison de Burgh’s choreographed fights combine visceral excitement and balletic grace”
The Times

“The fight scenes are energetically choreographed by Alison de Burgh”
The Stage

“The sparring and hooking, ducking and diving superbly choereographed by Alison de Burgh”
London Theatre (online)

“Kirsty Patrick Ward’s production is occasionally a bit messy and unfocused, but it also has some grand moments when Alison de Burgh’s fight and movement skills and Anna Reid’s design come together to achieve maximum impact”
The arts desk (online)

… “A bit more time with the boxing matches would have been appreciated (especially if it meant further opportunity to showcase Alison de Burgh’s brilliant fight direction).”
The Spy in the Stalls (online)

“Alison de Burgh has done a great job choreographing their moves”
Stage Review (online)

“Alison de Burgh’s Fight direction is thrilling”
Fringe Review (online)

… “in the hands of fight and movement director Alison de Burgh the boxing itself is thrilling”
Exeunt (online)

“The boxing sequences are skillfully choreographed by Alison de Burgh”
London Box Office (online)

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